Rice is a  look that comprises oversized alloy wheels, an enlarged exhaust system, neon lights everywhere, a dull boom boom (or rattle rattle) tuneless beat from the stereo, ugly paint job/vinyl graphics, occupants wearing sideways baseball caps, some girls in their early teens occupying the back seats, in some tiny car like a Honda Civic or Dodge Neon with a bodykit and/or large useless spoiler on the trunk. Anything can me rice, from a Honda Civic to a Ford F-250. Not all imports are considered rice, because domestics can be rice too. A common example of domestic rice is the Dodge Neon and the Chevy Cavalier. Those are two extremely commonly riced-out domestic vehicles. There is nothing wrong with driving an import, I have owned a few myself and liked them. But there is something wrong with a person that drives a riced out vehicle, be it an import, a domestic, or even a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).



            Did you not read the front page? If you haven't, go back and read it then check out the link to the gallery pictures. Then you might understand better. Remember, we are NOT anti-import, not at all. We're anti-dumbass.


            Plenty of places! The main places where I spot rice the most is usually at McDonalds, Wal-Mart and your local auto parts stores. Usually in most towns ricers have a gathering place where they all hang out and admire each others lack of automotive styling abilities and act like idiots. You can also find them on most roads cutting people off, speeding, driving recklessly, and just being an overall nuisance to all other drivers on the road. I look at ricers as misquotes, because they buzz around everywhere and they're annoying as hell.