You're probably sitting in front of your computer, staring at the screen wondering what exactly this website is. If we're not anti-import, why the name? Well, the name "The Import Killer" was fabricated once upon a time; long, long ago. OK, not really; but a few years ago. "The Import Killer" is one 1991 Chevrolet Lumina. "Why did he call a Lumina 'The Import Killer?'" your probably thinking; well let me explain.

For many, many years now I've had a certain hatred to this phenomenon we call "Rice" (What is "Rice" you might ask? Check out the FAQ.) I was driving around town with my friend in my Lumina, and the local ricers were out driving like idiots & buzzing around like fucking mosquitoes. There was this one inbred ricer that kept lapping town and driving like a total jackass. The ricer's name? Mikey Caton. His car? A Geo Prizm. Complete with white flames, bald tires, welfare-rigged exhaust system, and many, many other ghey things. The inbred mobile was behind me riding my ass, maybe 2-3 inches max from my rear bumper. I stopped short and he rammed the back of my car, hard; so hard in fact that he went underneath my car and I had to drive off of the front of his car. There was absolutely no damage done to the Lumina, other than a dent in the license plate about the size of a quarter. The inbred mobile? Well, it was more than hurt pretty damn bad. It was so hurt in fact, that it leaked oil & antifreeze all over the road, and continued to leak more antifreeze after it was pushed off the road. Yet there was no damage done to the Lumina. The dumbass that hit me? Well, it was the first week he had his license, and to add on to that he was driving with no insurance. The cops that came to the accident? Well, this kid was a townie and his parents were friends with the inbred police of this lovely NH town... Guess who got away with driving w/o insurance, having other kids in the car & being at fault in an accident (those are automatic revocation of your license within the first month of getting a license in NH).

My ex-girlfriend and I both knowing this fucktard from school thought it would be funny to humiliate this kid throughout town. Thus my car was nicknamed "The Import Killer" (his geo being an import, I wanted something geared more towards ricers but we couldn't think of anything that sounded better). The website was created a few years back (originally on cardomain before getting a hosted site) to humiliate him on the internet, and the web address got spread around all of northern NH & VT. It eventually evolved into what we are now, an anti-rice website and community dedicated solely to calling out the stupidity of ricers, car molesters, and anyone that has an extremely shitty taste in automotive styling. The forums are geared both towards anti-rice & automotive topics, but pretty much every topic you can think of is covered on there (or waiting to be covered). It's pretty much an anything-goes forum that a fun place to hang out.


And yes, I still do own the car. I also own another Lumina, a red '92. But that's beside the point.FaWk!


Now on to the ownage pikt0rz!!11!!!!!1!